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Faces for Charity car exhibited at Hangar-7

The specially branded RB8 displaying your photos can now be viewed at the Hangar-7 in Salzburg.

The famous aircraft museum is open daily from 09:00 am to 10:00 pm.

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Your faces win races

Sunday's race, and double podium, was extra special given that you, our fans got to race around the track with us, as part of the Faces for Charity livery.

25,000 of you donated, uploaded and raced to victory at our local grand prix to raise money for Wings for Life to help find a cure for spinal injury.

But out of those 25,000 race faces, we did of course welcome Hazel Warner along for the ultimate ride. Hazel won the Faces for Charity prize draw to come and see her photo live in action on the RB8 liveries at Silverstone and to witness the race weekend through Red Bull Racing's eyes.

She brought along her friend Tina to eat breakfast in the Energy Station, watch the first practice session from inside our garage and took up grandstand seats throughout the whole weekend which just so happened to host a view of Mark overtaking Alonso to win the British Grand Prix 2012.

We spoke to Hazel on Friday straight after her view of FP1. She said: "It was excellent, it's really hard to describe how I felt and it's amazing to see how much work is put into it, you don't appreciate that when you watch it on TV". Hazel went on to say the experience was everything she had expected "and much more."  

When asked what her first impressions were of the RB8 liveries, after they were revealed, Hazel said: "It looked a lot better than I expected it was going to - the pictures were so clear and the colours were so bright."

Brighter still given the 1 Million Euros raised for Wings for Life in the process and the fact that your faces brought us victory in Britain. And a further £2,000 was also raised at the Whittlebury Park Wings For Life campsite auction on Saturday evening.

The project was a collective effort and we'd like to thank everyone involved, the paint shop team, Zooom for the website,... but especially those who raced with us.

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British GP: Mark and Seb unveil Wings for Life cars

Red Bull Racing drivers Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber unveiled their Wings for Life cars today ahead of this weekend’s British Grand Prix. Both will drive their specially-branded RB8s, which each feature more than 25,000 photos that have been sent in by fans, throughout the race weekend.

Organised for Wings for Life, the charity that is striving to find a cure for spinal cord injury, the initiative was open to fans all over the world who wanted to race with Mark and Sebastian at this year’s Silverstone race and support an incredible cause.

People from around the world have been uploading their photos and donating to Wings for Life. Red Bull Racing matched every donation made and 100% of all donations will go directly to spinal cord injury research projects around the globe. The initiative has raised more than one million Euros.

Every continent is represented on the car and photos were sent from a range of countries, including Costa Rica, Fiji and Guadeloupe. Famous faces on the car include former F1 driver Niki Lauda and footballer Thierry Henry. Mark Webber commented: “The paint scheme on my car for this weekend looks awesome, the guys have done a great job. It’s great that the fans can travel with me round the circuit for the whole weekend, while supporting an incredible cause – let’s hope the livery gets a good result! I’m proud to be an ambassador for Wings for Life, which is doing fantastic work in its search for a cure for spinal cord injury.”

Sebastian Vettel added: “I think chances like this for the fans to be involved are great – I will have thousands of wing men and women with me on every lap of the track this weekend. The Wings for Life cause is a special one, I care a lot about the work they are doing and have been an ambassador of the charity for many years. It’s great for the fans to be able to join Mark, the Team and me at this year’s race in Silverstone – I’m looking forward to it.”