Photo Questions

Which car will my photo be on?
Your photo will be on both of Red Bull Racing’s Formula One cars, so both Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber will have the same montage of fans pictures on their RB8s as they race at Silverstone.

What size will the photos be on the cars?
Your photos will be 15mm x 15mm.

How many faces will be on the cars?
Over 25,000 faces will be displayed on both Sebastian and Mark’s cars. This means that any photo you upload will be displayed twice.

How will the photos be displayed on the cars?
The photos will be displayed on every possible section of the car. The car will still be recognisable as Red Bull Racing cars and there will be a coloured overlay of a blue, white, yellow or red tint.

Where will my photo be on the cars?
Due to technical reasons, the exact position on the car cannot be confirmed.

Can I put my face on the car more than once?
You can upload as many photos as you wish while there is still space! Please note however that you will have to upload these as separate entries and each photo will require you to make a donation to Wings for Life.

Will I get the chance to see my photo on the car?
If you’re lucky, you might see your face on TV or in the press! One lucky donor and a friend will also get a chance to see the Faces for Charity cars in action through the weekend at the British Grand Prix – please see the competition questions below for full details.

What photos are allowed or not allowed?
Head shot photos of you, your family or friends will work best as the collage will be made up of thousands of faces. Wings for Life and Red Bull Racing reserve the right to reject pictures especially those which express violence, pornography, national socialist ideology or acts of war; go against the protection of minors or compromise human dignity; violate copyright law or trademark rights. If this is not a photo of yourself, you must have the permission of the person in the photo before you upload it. Every photo uploaded will be checked before you receive final confirmation that it be included in the campaign. Please read our terms & conditions for more information.

What level of quality does the photo have to be?
You’ll see if the quality is good enough when you upload your photo.

Why can’t I find my photo in the mosaic?
It’s only possible to search for your photo in the mosaic after it has been approved by our paint shop team. Once this approval is given, you will receive an email providing you with a link to the mosaic. Click on that and your photo should appear. Don’t forget to ‘Like’ us on Facebook at the same time!

If by any chance your photo does not appear when you click the link, then please wait a few minutes and try again clicking the link again. The mosaic is constantly being updated with photos and occasionally this can slow down the search process by a minute or two. If by any chance this doesn’t work, try entering your name into the box which says ‘SEARCH BY FIRST NAME’. 



What happens if my currency is not Euros?
If your currency isn’t Euros, please don’t worry. Your donation will be worked out according to current exchange rates. You can work out the currency conversion yourself here:

I am having trouble processing my donation – what do I do?
Please check all your details fully. If there is a problem you cannot resolve, please contact info(at)

What is the Prepaid Code?
The prepaid code is for big companies who have bought a set number of spaces for their employees, customers or clients. Unfortunately we’re not able to offer this to individuals because of the associated administration it creates.


Car Questions

How will the faces be put on to the cars?
Your faces will be applied to the car in the Red Bull Racing paint shop in the UK. 

What will happen to the sponsor’s logos?
The majority of the sponsor’s logos will be clearly displayed and the photos will be positioned around them. The Red Bull logo will be filled in with photos.

What will happen to the cars after the British Grand Prix?
After Silverstone, all of the car parts will be re-painted in their normal livery ready for the German Grand Prix at Hockenheim.


Competition Questions

How do I enter the prize draw to attend the British Grand Prix?
Once you’ve uploaded your photo your details will be automatically entered into the free prize draw.

How will I find out if I’ve won?
We will contact you by 18th June via email to let you know if your name is drawn. You will then have seven days to confirm if you’d like to accept the competition prize. If we don’t hear back from you, we will pull the draw again and the prize will be given to another fan.

What will the prize include?
The winner of the prize draw and one lucky friend will be able to see the Faces for Charity cars in action. Their experience will include access to the paddock at Silverstone on Thursday 5th July to soak up the atmosphere as race preparations get into full swing.  On Friday 6th July the pair will then enjoy breakfast in the Red Bull Racing Energy Station and a track-side view of the first practice session from the Red Bull Racing garage.  For the rest of the weekend they can then enjoy the Grand Prix from the grandstand with fellow Formula One fans.  Travel costs to and from Silverstone and accommodation will not be included.

What happens if I win and then I can no longer make it?
If due to unforeseen circumstances you are no longer able to attend we would ask that you inform us at least 7 days before the British Grand Prix, no later than 29 June. We will then offer the prize to another fan selected at random.

Can I give or sell the prize to someone else?
This prize will be restricted to the named winner. It will not be possible to transfer it or sell it through any means.


Red Bull Racing & Wings for Life Questions

Why is Red Bull Racing supporting Wings for Life?
Wings for Life and Red Bull Racing have been working in partnership for a number of years. The charity was founded in 2004 by Red Bull CEO Dietrich Mateschitz and the two-time motocross world champion Heinz Kinigadner after Heinz’s son Hannes suffered a spinal cord injury during a charity motocross race. We work with Wings for Life in a variety of ways and their logo features on our helmets and cars. Sebastian and Mark are both ambassadors of the charity.

What do Wings for Life do?
Wings for Life provide grants to promising research projects and clinical trials around the globe focused on accelerating progress towards a cure for spinal cord injury. They also facilitate the development of technology designed to reduce the risk of injury, particularly during sport. To do so, Wings for Life depend on funds generously donated from the general public.

How much is the Faces for Charity campaign aiming to raise?
Red Bull Racing is matching every donation made, doubling the amount that the campaign will be able to raise. The Faces for Charity campaign hopes to raise as much as possible.

What will Wings for Life spend our money on?
100% of your donation will go directly to Wings for Life’s work because all of the overheads of the Faces for Charity campaign are being covered by Red Bull and Red Bull Racing. Every year Wings for Life receives more applications for grants than they are able to fund and some areas of research, such as clinical trials, are phenomenally expensive. Your donations will make a huge difference to the charity’s funding capacity and will enable them to invest in ground-breaking research.

How much will this campaign cost Red Bull Racing?
This isn’t any ordinary paint job, so our teams are going to have to put in a lot of extra hours to make it happen. The overall cost to Red Bull Racing is hard to calculate, but we see this as part of our on-going commitment to support Wings for Life and their vital work into spinal cord injury research.

If you have any unanswered questions please send an email to info(at)